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Statement on behalf of the Group of 77 and China on Agenda Item 134: Proposed programme budget for the biennium 2016-2017: International public sector accounting standards (IPSAS)

13 October 2016

Madam Chair,

1. I have the honour to speak on behalf of the Group of 77 and China on agenda item 134: Proposed Programme Budget for the Biennium 2016 - 2017 in particular on the Progress on the implementation of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards - IPSAS.

2. At the outset, allow me to thank Mr. Pedro Guazo, Officer-in-Charge, Office of Programme Planning, Budget and Accounts, for introducing the Secretary-General's Ninth progress report on the adoption of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards by the United Nations, as well as Mr. Carlos Ruiz Massieu, Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions, for introducing its related report.

3. The Group recalls that by its resolution 60/283, the General Assembly approved the adoption by the United Nations of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) as a means of improving the Organization's accounting standards and hence efficiency in financial management. In this regard, the Secretary-General has submitted annual progress reports on the adoption of IPSAS to the General Assembly since 2008.

Madam Chair,

4. The Group of 77 and China note and welcome progress related to the implementation of IPSAS since the issuance of the last report a year ago, including those related to reported improvements in the Organization's financial accounting and reporting resulting from the implementation of IPSAS and it is our expectation that these improvements will lead to even greater efficiency, effectiveness and accountability in the management of the resources of the Organization.

5. With regard to sustaining compliance with IPSAS in the United Nations, the Group of 77 and China have taken note that during the reporting period the accountability of senior managers for the sustainability of IPSAS was included in the individual compacts signed between the senior managers and the Secretary-General.

6. The Group looks forward for detailed information on the implementation of this provision in the context of the managers' assessment.

7. In the context of benefit management, while the Group of the 77 and China acknowledge the information on the improved stewardship of assets and liabilities; availability of more comprehensive information on costs; improved consistency and comparability; and increased transparency and accountability, we remain of the view that future reporting on these improvements should include some concrete examples supported by quantitative measurements. We are also of the view that future reporting should provide clarity on the improvements attributable to the Umoja-related system enhancements and those attributable to the adoption of IPSAS.

8. Like the Advisory Committee, the Group is also of the view that further benefits should be explored by managers as departments, offices and missions continue to mainstream IPSAS in their work processes.

Madam Chair,


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