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Statement on Behalf of the Group of 77 and China on the Agenda Item 149: Administrative and Budgetary aspects of the Financing of the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations - Closed Peacekeeping Missions at the second part of resumed Seventy-First session

Statement on Behalf of the Group of 77 and China by Ms. Lourdes Pereira Sotomayor, First Secretary, Permanent Mission of Ecuador to the United Nations

May 1

Madam Chair,

1. I have the honour to speak on behalf of the Group of 77 and China. We would first like to thank the Controller, Ms. Bettina Tucci Bartsiotas, and the Chair of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions, Mr. Carlos Ruiz Massieu, for introducing the respective reports of the Secretary-General and the ACABQ.

2. The Group of 77 and China takes this opportunity to once again stress that all Member States should fulfill their financial obligations as set out in the Charter of the United Nations on time, in full, and without conditions. We urge all Member States to make every possible effort to ensure payment of their assessed contributions in full. Member States that are in arrears in their payments of assessed contributions to closed peacekeeping missions should pay those contributions expeditiously.

3. Over the years, the Group has repeatedly expressed its concern at the cash deficit situation in several closed peacekeeping missions, owing to the continued non-payment of arrears by some Member States. We reiterate those concerns now.

4. The Group of 77 and China is also very concerned with the cross-borrowing from closed missions and wishes to recall that in its resolution 65/293, the General Assembly requested the Secretary-General to submit concrete proposals and alternatives to address the issue of outstanding dues to Members States from closed peacekeeping operations that are faced with cash deficit. In the session ahead of us, the Group stands ready to explore options to achieve a fair solution to this longstanding problem. We hope to reach agreement on a resolution on closed peacekeeping missions that provides a sustainable solution to the issue of claims payable to Member States, particularly troop and police contributing countries, from closed peacekeeping operation budgets.

Madam Chair,

5. The Group will engage actively and constructively in the coming deliberations on this important issue. We look forward to all delegations doing the same.

Thank you.

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