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Sharing national experiences of persons with disabilities regarding multiple & cross-cutting discrimination as core issues contributing to poverty

Intervention by the Deputy Permanent Representative of Argentina to the United Nations, Minister Plenipotentiary Gabriela Martinic

July 13th

I would like to start by thanking the panelists and stressing the honor that is for the Permanent Mission of Argentina to co-sponsor this side event on poverty and disabilities in the framework of the HLPF.


This is a crucial time in the implementation and follow-up of the 2030 Agenda and therefore we have to increase our efforts to reach our goal of leaving no one behind.


We strongly support the need to reinforce the undeniable inter-linkages and synergies between human rights and sustainable development.


We believe that it is crucial after the adoption of Agenda 2030 to strengthen our actions in order to mainstream the disability perspective into public policies and national plans and programs for the implementation of the SDGs, always with a human rights approach, and in particular on the fight against poverty.


We consider relevant to adopt inclusive development strategies for people with disabilities that incorporate measures of non-discrimination, accessibility and support.


Argentina is taking a multidimensional view on poverty, implementing targeted plans and programs at the national level to promote inclusion and provide comprehensive care for people with disabilities.


We recently adopted the National Disability Plan based on three guiding principles: 1) inclusion, 2) diversity and 3) community commitment.


These principles seek to achieve the full and effective participation of persons with disabilities, and the involvement of government, civil society and private sector, in a framework of promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms, social justice and the dignity and value of human beings.


We consider that the 2030 Agenda creates a great opportunity to build on existing commitments in order to provide a better life for all our people, especially those historically left behind.


The 2030 Agenda is a call to participate, thus is also a vehicle to gain accessibility and inclusion.


Let's take, or even better, embrace this ride.

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