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Permanent Mission to the Un


Delegation of the Permanent Mission of Argentina to the United Nations

Updated date: 25/08/2023





Ambassador María del Carmen Squeff

Permanent Representative to the United Nations


Mr. Fabián Oddone

Minister Plenipotentiary

- Deputy Permanent Representative


Mr. Fernando Marani

Minister Plenipotentiary

- Advisor to the Office of the President of the General Assembly


Mr. Martín Mainero

Minister  Plenipotentiary

Sixth Committee

- Legal Advisor

- Security Council Coordinator


Mr. Hugo Emmanuel Guerra


First Committee

- Disarmament and International Security

- Non Proliferation

- Armament control


Ms. Florencia Gonzalez

First Secretary

Third Committee

- Human Rights and Social Issues


Mr. Sebastian Nicolino


Second Committee

-  Macroeconomic policies

- Environmental issues

- World health


Mr. Maximiliano Alvarez

Second Secretary

Fourth Committee

- Special Political and Decolonization


Mr. Leandro Cosentino

Third Secretary

Fifth Committee

- Candidatures

Ms. Soledad Sandller

Second Secretary

Second Committee

- Sustainable Development  

- Environmental Issues


Mr. Luciano Escobar

Minister Plenipotentitary

- General Assembly Coordinator


Captain Enrique Castro

Military attaché


Commander Gaston Grounds

Police Advisor


Ms. Ursula Zitnik

 Administrative Attaché

Mr. Facundo Valentín Díaz

Administrative Attaché

Mr. Pablo Sosa

Administrative Attaché




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