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Press Release

Post date: 08/01/2020

Saturday, January 4th 2020

Information for the Press N°: 004/20


The Argentine Republic expresses its concern over the recent events in the Middle East.

Violent acts in a global and hyper-connected world have the potential to have direct consequences worldwide.

The Argentine people can testify to this, having suffered international terrorist acts at least twice in our recent past.

In the face of this reality and based on our own experience, the Argentine Government urges the conflicting parties to take steps to ease tensions and to work towards a peaceful and negotiated solution to prevent an escalation that may jeopardize international security.

The Argentine Republic, as always, endorses negotiation and diplomacy as the pathway to settle disputes.

Accordingly Argentina calls on the international community to play a constructive role and urges multilateral organizations to assume the responsibilities conferred upon them, especially with regard to peace and international security.

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