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Statement on behalf of the Group of 77 and China, by the Permanent Mission of Egypt on Agenda Item 136: Programme Budget Biennium 2018-2019 - Revised Estimates in respect of the Resident Coordinator System

Statement on behalf of the Group of 77 and China by Mr Mohamed Fouad, Consellor at the Permanent Mission of Egypt to the United Nations

November 28


Madam Chair,

1. I have the honour to speak on behalf of the Group of 77 and China on agenda item 136: programme budget for the biennium 2018-2019, the revised estimates in respect of the resident coordinator system.

2. At the outset, the Group thanks Mr. Chandru Ramanthan, Acting Controller, Office of Programme Planning, Budget and Accounts, and Mr. Carlos Ruiz Massieu, Chair of the Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions, for the introduction of their respective reports on this important agenda item.

Madam Chair,

3. The Group of 77 and China reiterates its full support to the entire United Nations Development System and in particular to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), which continues to provide substantial support to the progressive achievement of national development priorities.

4. Over the years, our countries - some of the smallest and most vulnerable Member States- have been able to rely on the vital contribution of the resident coordinator system for the operationalization of our county-level development plans. The Group, therefore, continues to attach great significance to the Resident Coordinator system given its fundamental role within the Development Pillar of the United Nations.

5. As the Organization undertakes the broader implementation of the repositioning of the United Nations Development system, the Group recognizes the need to guarantee accountability to national governments, transparency, and strong leadership in the implementation of a reinvigorated resident coordinator system, as outlined in our collective commitment in General Assembly resolution 72/279. This is especially critical as the United Nations Development System will rely heavily on the resident coordinator system to fulfill the mandates of the 2030 Agenda, and all other inter-governmentally agreed outcomes related to sustainable development.

Madam Chair,

6. Adequate funding of mandates approved by intergovernmental bodies of the United Nations remains a core principle of the Group of 77 and China. In this regard, the Group recognizes the need for the resident coordinators to have the adequate and predictable funding in order to ensure the delivery of coherent, effective and accountable responses, as expected by Member States.

7. The Group notes that the Development Operations Coordination Office (DOCO), housed in the Secretariat and tasked with the managerial and oversight function of the resident coordinator system, will be managed financially through a United Nations special purpose trust fund which will pool the resources from the three funding sources.

8. The Group also notes that the Secretariat's share of the United Nations Sustainable Development Group (UNSDG) cost-sharing arrangement for 2019 is reported to be $13.6 million. Based on the information received from the Secretariat during our consideration of this item, and the recommendations from the Advisory Committee, the Group will carefully examine the assessed resource requirements requested by the Secretary General to support the new resident coordinator system.

9. In light of the foregoing, and with reference to post related resource requirements, the Group underscores the importance of the consideration of gender parity and geographical representation in the recruitment process by the Secretary General to support the work of the new resident coordinator system, including through the transformed UN DOCO and its regional offices.

10. Further to the decision of the General Assembly (72/279) to double the amount contributed to the resident coordinator system through the United Nations Sustainable Development Group (UNSDG) cost-sharing agreement, the Group is looking forward to receive the comprehensive report from the Secretary General, through the relevant intergovernmental bodies, which would elaborate on the new cost sharing formula for 2020 onwards, among other components of the reinvigorated resident coordinator system.

Madam Chair,

11. In closing, the Group of 77 and China assures you of our commitment to engage constructively on this item, which we recognize is an integral part in supporting a repositioned United Nations Development System essential for the successful achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

I thank you.

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